Monday, August 10, 2015


Wow, so this week was a huge surprise for me. But first off thanks for the prayers for the leg, it is doing fine, I don't have rabies, so life is good. So this week we had interviews with president and he basically told me I am going to be in my sector for at least another change, so I was like oh yeah I'm not going. Last night we got the calls ¨Elder Roberts you are going to Tulcan¨  I was super surprised. Today I took the 7 hour bus ride to the furthest northern part of Ecuador, it is super pretty, it is kind of flat but there are mountains all around and it is a lot colder here, but nothing like Minnesota. I am with Elder Damian from Mexico, he is 23 years old and has a change less than I do on the mission.

It was SO HARD to say goodbye. We got the call while we had a family home evening with the familia Chicaiza and they are by far my favorite family from Santa Anita, and we were all super sad. But I know I was best friends with them in the preexistence. I know I completed my time and `purpose and did the things which Father had prepared me for in Santa Anita, and I know I am going to love it here in Tulcan.

We had to drop one of my favorite families this week which was hard, but hey there was nothing more we could do as missionaries to help them come unto Christ.

This week Elder Calderon, an Area 70 assisted our church and gave a super good talk on the dia de reposo and attended the ward council and machateed all of the ward leaders and told them to work harder.....ouch! but it was cool.  I remember in Calderon when I played the Violin in front of him. When I get home I just want to play my Viola for hours every day. I miss that thing.

I love you all, write me letters, send me goodies, and pray for Elder Roberts. 
WIth Love from Ecuador, your pal Logan
Who doesn't love this picture?
My favorite family of Santa Anita that I am going to miss a toooonnnnn

Me with Elder Lindeman, he was the assitant that picked me up from the airport and I roomed with him my first week of the mission

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