Monday, August 3, 2015

I got attacked by a DOG

Yeah so this Wednesday lunch was horrible I hate ketchup and we basically ate straight rice soaked in ketchup with hot dog....( mom thanks for teaching me how to eat everything with a smile on my face to prepare me for this mission). Afterwards we walked up the mountain in the super strong and hot sun and we decided to take a shortcut to get to the visit. We went up for about 15 minutes this hot dusty road and there were like 20 dogs that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and they were all barking and got closer and closer and my companion and I started chucking rocks and one came up and bit the back of my bad leg. My leg was bleeding, my pants got a little torn, and now it is all bruised and stuff, and considering I have new bone, a metal plate, and a dog bite in my left leg it makes walking the mountain all the more fun. lol. but I am fine.  I have passed by the dog and it is still normal so I don't need to get rabies shot, but after it bit me I chucked a huge rock super hard at that thing. I HATE DOGS. lol

This week we couldn't find anyone. We contacted but nobody answered their doors and when they did they just slammed it in our face. but I love it. I love the rejection. I know I am on the Lords Errand. I think it is something we have to go through to know Jesus Christ better, he was always rejected without reason. 

Church was super powerful this week, all the primary kids gave their testimony and I just wanted to cry it was so cute. I love the kids. Jesus taught that if we aren't humble as a child is we can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Kids are realy great examples.

This following Sunday night are changes, I love this sector, I love Quito, I love the people, if I leave I will be sad, but part of me kind of wants to get out of Quito and know a new part of Ecuador. We will see what happens, I would honestly be super happy to be here another change with Elder Pinto. 

Have a good week,  love you all, I testify Jesus is our King and he is the Christ. Remember what that means for you personally this week. 

Elder Roberts
My new investigator 
 me with cotapaxi (a volcano)
This is Antisana, we rarely see it, it was a super clear day 

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