Monday, August 24, 2015

La Ultima Puerta

So this Wednesday we couldn't find anyone. all of our visits were like super planned out we called everyone on Tuesday to verify that they would be there, and nobody was there. I have come to the conclusion that when the people aren't there it is because the Lord has prepared someone else to listen. We spent the whole day contacting and nobody wanted to listen to us. We got rejected hardcore by a ton of catholics. SO many doors slammed in our faces. Some Jehovah's witnesses wanted to bible bash with us, but I pulled out my bible and started to machete them and they were like oh we don't have time....anyways after a whole day of rejection we just kept on going at it. By about 8:30 we were just beat up, it was a long hard day, so we decided to go ask a member for references, we were about to knock on their door and teach them, but they never have given us reference and I didn't think there was much purpose to this visit, so I turned to my companion and I was like Elder there is someone we need to find. We knocked the door of this tin hut right next to this family and this little guy came and opened it and invited us in. Inside this dirt floor house that only had a couple candles for light there were like 3 Colombian workers here for a couple of months, super humble, and they were of gold. THE LAST DOOR WE KNOCKED ON. IT WAS A MIRACLE.  I knew the whole day we needed to find someone else, and it took the whole day to find them, but we found them, it was awesome. 

This week we had a meeting with President Richardson in Otavalo, Otavalo is super awesome, it is like a different world, everyone is dressed in traditional clothing and all of the men have ponytails and almost everyone speaks kichua. It was so cool. But during the meeting President said I have some sad news Elder Godoy of the seventy will not be visiting us next week...and all the missionaries were like dang. but then President says, but Elder Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy will be visiting us next week. everyone was like DANG. it was cool, this week on Thursday the two missions of Quito will have a meeting with him this week with a TON of missionaries, it will be cool because all of our mission will be there and I will see all of my old companions and friends and get to listen to Elder Soares.

Well I love life. Send me letters and goodies and give my mom a big hug from me. with love from Ecuador, 
your friend Logan. 
Sunset in Tulcan

My Companion, Elder Damian, he is cool

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