Monday, August 17, 2015

Listen to the promptings of the Spirit

Okay, Tulcan is like the absolute best place in the world. IT IS SOO BEAUTIFUL. It is like green mountains that are just fields and it is sick. It is super peaceful, my last sector was hectic, in the big city and super dangerous and it is the complete opposite here, I just feel at peace. and the people here are amazing. The only hard thing is that it is SUPER COLD. I am from Minnesota where it is cold, but after being in the hot equator for 7 and a half months, IT IS SUPER COLD HERE. for realz and our hot water broke yesterday, SO LIFE IS SUPER HARD. But I use my sweater every day and am still freezing, but it is worth it because Tulcan es buenaso.

Yesterday after church we went to this part of our sector about 20 minutes away in bus. We got there and had like 4 people to visit, we did a little contacting there earlier in the week and had some future visits lined up, but nobody was there. A cool new family we found wasn't there and across the street in another house was this old guy sitting outside, we were banging on the door, but nobody was there. I felt like I needed to talk to the old guy, but I was like I don't like talking to old people, they are all hardcore catholics and can't comprehend what we teach, so I ignored the feeling and we went down the street to find some other people. We couldn't find anyone for like an hour and the whole time I was just thinking about this old guy that I saw and felt like I needed to talk to him. We got back to the house with the family and they still weren't there and the old guy across the street was still sitting there and he yelled ¨NO HAY NADIE¨ so I crossed the street and said ¨Disculpe estabamos buscando por sus vecinos pero.....¨and then like all of his kids and wife came out and they were super interested, they let us in, and we taught them and they understood everything and felt like we were teaching the truth. WE GOT 2 NEW FAMILIES OF GOLD BABY. I learned my lesson to follow every prompting no matter how unpromising it seems. It is amazing how the Lord works and sends us his spirit to guide us. 

Something cool I did this week was contact from a car. One of my best friends from Calderon was visiting in Tulcan this week, and he has a car, so he drove us to a visit after we had lunch with his family and there was a family walking down the street, so we were driving alongside them slowly in the car and my companion and I were talking to them through the window and gave them pamphlets. They were super confused. I have now contacted from the inside of a car, I have contacted 5 buses, about 20 motorcycles, and I contacted a young couple making out on a park bench with a law of chastity pamphlet. 

I love being a missionary. YOU ALL NEED TO WRITE ME. or mail me cookies or something. 
Elder Roberts

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