Monday, June 20, 2016


Hello world, this week was incredible. It was filled with fun and spiritual experiences. I am really loving the mission and it is just so amazing to be a missionary. My companion and I got a suprise call last night and found out there were changes in our district. Elder Roney went to Quito and now we are with Elder Unzueta in a trio. Elder Unzueta is super cool, he is from Cusco, Peru and I was with him when he started his mission in Otavalo. He knows a lot of Kichwa so we are conversing quite a bit, but for the part of the day we have been in a trio, it has been super fun. I think we should all be together for like 3 weeks and we are going to be working the two sectors here in Quininde. Elder Unzueta is going to help me out training Elder Delgado. But for realz I am so blessed to have such great companions. I feel like these next 3 weeks will be fun with fun experiences and hard work.

We had a super cool experience Monday after we wrote and when we got back to work. My companion and I went to contact a reference in a sketchier part of our sector and they were super interested so we all brought lawn chairs outside and started teaching and we started with a group of like 7 people. As we were teaching the neighbors came to listen and little by little more people came and when we finished there were 35 people listening. It was so cool teaching such a large group of people and they were all reverent and listening well. Since then we have gone back every day and we are seeing some cool miracles in this little part of our sector.

I ran into one of my mamitas from San Roque this last week. It was super awesome seeing her. She was the Relief Society President there in Otavalo and it was cool being able to speak some Kichwa. I found out she is doing well and my family of converts there in Otavalo are super active. Right now the CopaAmerica or like the American Cup for soccer is going on in the U.S. I am not sure how many of you know much about it but here soccer is a huge deal and so is the American Cup. Anyways, Ecuador had its big game this last week against the U.S. on Wednesday and Wednesday everyone was dressed up in their Ecuador jerseys and were just like messing with me in the streets. It was dangerous to be a gringo here especially because the U.S. won and everyone hated me. 

Yesterday we didn't have any investigators in sacrament meeting and that made me sad especially since we had worked so hard and I feel like we did everything that we could to get our investigators to come, but we had an absolute miracle. During priesthood there was a man named Jose Angulo who just walked in. He spent the morning attending different churches seeing how they were and he walked into ours. He enjoyed the experiences here because he said our church is the most reverent. Anyways we visited him last night with the bishop and the elders quorum president out in his plantation which is super far away ( the bishop here is a taxi driver and helps us out with rides.) anyways we had an amazing lesson with him and he accepted a baptismal date, but then we found out he isn't married so his date wont work out until he is married, but hey he has a ton of interest so that is cool.

Well, I love you all, especially you dad, happy fathers day. You are the best! I am so grateful for my dad and the example that he has been. I have learned so much from him just from his example. I am grateful for his infinite love he has for me and how he has been with me during the good and the hard moments of my life. He is filled with wisdom and dad I love you a ton. Have a great week. 

BYE BYE,  Elder Roberts

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