Monday, June 27, 2016

Duo Otra Vez

Yeah, so the trio was fun while it lasted which wasn't for very long. Last night we got calls again from the zone leaders and found out that Elder Unzueta was getting changed to the beaches of Atacames.  We are all super jealous of him, Atacames is one of the coolest parts of the mission and I know he is going to enjoy it. The other part of the news for changes is that there are only going to be 4 of us missionaries here in Quininde. When I started there were six and now we will be four, it is kind of crazy but kind of cool also, because everything that belonged to the other elders is now ours. I really enjoyed my time in a trio, it was super fun and Elder Unzueta was a great companion, I know he is going to work miracles in Atacames and I am excited to continue to see miracles here in Quininde with Elder Delgado. 

So our sector now consists of our old sector as well as the sector of the old elder and it is gigantic. We have soo many people that we need to be visiting and teaching and helping and there just simply isn't enough of us as missionaries or enough time to do it all. SO right now we aren't concentrating as much on finding as much as we are as prioritizing who we are going to teach. We have had to make some drops, not because we don't love the people or because they are bad people, just because we don't have time to visit everyone. We can only be focusing on the people that are most likely to progress. But the sector of the elders is huge and it is like all dirt roads without street names.
So last week when we were working as a trio, we worked mostly in the sector of Elder Unzueta which ended up being a huge miracle because now that he is gone my companion and I have to visit the people he was teaching and our time with Elder Unzueta allowed us to learn a little bit of his sector, but the Bishop is going to help teach the sector with us tonight. Working in a trio we had a lot of visits to do in both sectors and I got to do a lot of splits with the members and it was great.

One of the most spiritual lessons I had in my mission was last night we taught Milton Caughua and his family. Milton was one of those that listened to us in the street that day when we taught a ton of people in the street. Anyways, I didn't recognize him, but he surely recognized us because a couple of days ago we were walking in the street and he found us and told us he wanted us to come to his house and teach him more. FAMILIA DE ORO. they are super awesome. We are so excited to be teaching them, but they have a hard time reading. The majority of the people that I have taught here in Ecuador have difficulties reading and writing especially in my last sector in Otavalo and here in the coast, the majority of the people cant read. So I went on a split last night with the ward mission leader who is a recent convert and we read the introduction of the Book of Mormon to this family and it was powerful. I know the Book of Mormon helps us learn more about Christ and have peace. I love reading the Book of Mormon, I have read it in English, Spanish, and a little bit of Kichwa and I finished reading it again in Spanish this last week and I know without a doubt that it is true. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who promises his holy spirit to us.

Well, something that Elder Holland told us when he came here is that right now the Lord is hastening his work.  He said that back at church headquarters they aren't walking, they are running and I feel like that is the same here in the mission, we aren't walking, we are running from visit to visit, there is just soo much to do. The world needs more missionaries, there aren't enough of us to teach everyone. The mission is the best decision that I have made in my life. I love being a missionary, I love all of you and hope you all have a  great week.

Love Elder Roberts
 Chillin with Elder Larsen, he finishes his mission in 2 weeks with the Zone. 
With the zone

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