Monday, January 26, 2015

My week in Middle Earth

Calderon is such a weird place. It gets really cold and really hot. I read somewhere online that in Quito you experience all four seasons in one day which is completely accurate. It goes from dry and hot to pouring rain and cold within minutes. Everything is so cheap. I spend like two dollars a day and it is pretty much just bus rides. 
The food is great. We get well fed. I am going to put on so much weight. The mamitas give us a ton of food for lunch. It is always a big soup, then rice with vegetables and chicken, and then some type of fruit juice. I had cui at familia san martin´s this week. They are one of my favorite families. Cui is guinea pig. I felt bad eating it because of all the pet hamsters we have had. But it was really delicious. I also had this fish where it was literally like the whole fish including the head. The head was actually the best part. Every appointment we have they give us a ton of food and if you don't eat all of it it is rude.

Cui - guinea pig

Our ward is awesome. everyone goes out of their way to help the missionaries. It is incredible. It is incredible how receptive everyone is here. Literally everyone we contact turns into a lesson. Pretty much everyone is a diehard catholic, but with two gringos from the u.s. here they are curious to hear our message. We made a lot of progress with our investigating families. Andy got baptized which was awesome. he is so cool. At the baptism the ward missionary leader was conducting and was like Elder Roberts will now give a talk on baptism. Not gonna lie, it was pretty rough and pretty bad Spanish, but reminds me of how as missionaries we always need to be ready to help out.

Andy and his mom Sylvia at his baptism. They are really awesome people. 
It is amazing to see the gospel change lives.

We had this really cool experience yesterday giving priesthood blessings. We were walking down the street when this man stopped us, told us he was a member visiting from another city in Ecuador and that the family he was visiting needed priesthood blessings. We went to his house which was more of a really small cement shack and there were these old indigenous women there. They were from otavalo. I forgot which prophet, but I think Kimball or Benson said that the people from Otavalo are the most direct descendants of the Lamanites and have pure Lamanite blood. The men all have ponytails including the stake presidents and we have a missionary in our mission serving from Otavalo and he has permission from the first presidency to keep his ponytail and wear more traditional indigenous clothing. Anyways, they speak mostly Quechua which is their language. It was so cool one by one giving these priesthood blessings to these pure Lamanite women. It was an experience I will cherish and never forget. Afterwords we left a priesthood blessing on the house. Sometimes I feel like I am truly walking among Book of Mormon people in Book of Mormon lands. It is such a different place down here. It is beautiful in its own way.

Chao, Elder Roberts

Rainbow after tracting in the rain all day.

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