Monday, January 19, 2015


What a crazy week! I spent all of Monday in an airplane and landed in a different hemisphere in a different world and a different everything else. Ecuador is so diverse, I am about 40 minutes to an hour and a half outside of Quito in a city called Calderon and it is completely different than Quito.

Me with Bro. and Sis. Richardson

My Mission President is great. He and his wife were very welcoming. I stayed with the assistants the first couple nights and they are both cool. I can feel the change in elevation being from Minnesota which is barely above sea level to almost 10,000 feet above sea level. My leg is doing not the best. The streets are hard to walk on sometimes, especially when it is like loose rock, dodging traffic, going up a mountain. If you saw the city I was in you would probably think it was Mexico if it weren't for the high Andes Mountains surrounding it.

This is from the apartment the first time I woke up in Quito.

My companion is Elder Morgan! He is great. He plays the Viola and Chess! He is a gringo and has 7 months on the mission. He speaks very fluent spanish tho. I am struggling with the spanish, it is completely different than the mtc. They speak very poorly down here. they don't pronounce like half of the parts of the word and that makes it really confusing as to what they are saying but I am getting more used to it everyday. We have to drink all of our water through this filtered water bottle. The water is brown coming out of the sink. Nothing here is similar to the U.S. the people are different, the food is different, the traffic is different, what in Minnesota would be considered a small apartment would be considered a mansion here. The poverty is crazy.

Elder Morgan and Me

Everyone is so receptive to the Gospel. Pretty much everyone will talk to us and invite us in when we ask. We don't have to do much contacting because the one person we contact will turn into an hour lesson. I have been in so many great lessons. We have a baptism this Saturday for Andy who is a 16 year old. I challenged Hermano Sarango to be baptized last night and he accepted, so that is exciting. We have mamitas here that are women in the ward that make lunch and do laundry for us, it is awesome. Everyone is so great. It gets super sketchy once it gets dark, once its dark outside its very dangerous, but it is fine. I hope all of you are doing well.

Love, Elder Roberts

​Its Elder Roberts, jk, this is Mateo, he is my friend

All of the new missionaries
At the airport in Quito

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