Monday, January 5, 2015


I hope everyone is doing well! My experience as a missionary so far has been nothing less than miraculous. It is a dream come true to be serving my mission. I was so nervous getting in the MTC, I pretty much was just going to call it quits, but right when I stepped in the whole spirit changed.  I gave the opening prayer at the New Missionary Orientation missionary meeting which was cool and this Sunday I will be saying the prayer at the Devotional.

 I am in a trio with two companions, Elder Humble and Elder Marquez. Elder Humble is from Portland and will serve in the Ecuador, Guyaquil South Mission. (The Picture you got sent to you mom was from Hermano Humble who is his older brother and is our teacher at the MTC). Elder Marquez is from California serving in the Texas, Houston Mission. They are both incredible companions and will be great in the mission field and we all get along great. It is nice because we work really hard and focus in class, but we are all so chill back at the dorm. The rest of my district is all hermanas. They are from Guatemala, Mexico, Nevada, Virginia, Washington, and California and will be serving in Houston, Argentina, Idaho, Idaho, Puerto Rico, and D.C. It is interesting because usually districts go to the same place, but ours is going all over the place. I am the district leader which means I get the mail and call on someone to say the prayer, and my companions are the zone leaders.

My MTC District

I LOVE LATINOS. Our zone is filled with all these hilarious Latino Elders and it is always such a fiesta! I am so excited to live in Latinoland Ecuador for two years. I know everyone is equal, but Latinos are the best. My Spanish is fine. I understand about 99% of what is going on in class and can communicate decently well, but I am sure that will all change on the mission. The Spirit is so strong here. It permeates from every part of the MTC campus. Sometimes it can be really discouraging to be a missionary, but Jesucristo is there to comfort us. 

What I have learned so far is the importance of obedience. It doesn't matter if you have 100 or zero scriptures memorized or are familiar with preach my gospel. If the spirit isn't your companion nothing else matters. El Espiritu es el maestro. 

JAYDEN DIDN'T EMAIL ME. makes me sad. He is going to love the MTC and I am sad I will miss his talk this week.

It is my testimony to all of you as a representative of Jesus Christ that he lives. He is always there for us. Turn to him. Do everything you can to bring the Spirit in your life. Love your Neighbor.

Elder Roberts


  1. Thanks for sharing Sister Roberts! Logan was in my my ward in Provo and it was a privilege to get to know him. Glad to hear he's doing well in the first week! We are all praying for him!

    1. Thanks Nena. He loved his BYU ward and I am sure appreciates the prayers.