Monday, July 11, 2016

mas temblores diga

Well, this week starts change 2 of Elder Delgado and I being together I am excited that I will be staying here in Quininde. There are so many people that I want to help out before I get transferred out of here. 

This week we got to know our new Mission President, President Murphy, he is super great. He came to the coast to get to know us and had brief interviews with him.  Even tho I still don't know him super well, I feel like I can really depend on him and I think he is going to be great for the mission. We certainly miss President and Hermana Richardson.  It was weird not having them there, but I think it is kind of cool having two different Mission Presidents.

Last night at 9:20 there were two more earthquakes here. Since I have been here in the coast I have felt probs like 20 to 30 small aftershocks, but only 5 big earthquakes and last night were two of them. We were heading back from our appointment. Here we have to be back in the house at 9 but if we are in an important appointment we can get back at 9:30, so we were heading back to the house and we ran into some members and were talking with them in the street and then the street started to shake a little and it got stronger. About 5 minutes later came the strong earthquake it was a lot stronger, not as strong as what there was about a month ago, but it was significantly strong and my companion and I are going to go check out the poorer part of the sector to see if any more houses have fallen or anything, but I feel like I am getting used to the whole earthquake thing now, it seems like we are always feeling aftershocks.

This week my companion and I taught the law of chastity in a super direct manner to a family whose children are the members, the mom is an investigator, and the dad doesn't really show much interest, but we were super direct with them telling them they are living in sin and all of that and they need to get married. Anyways, we got to the part about talking about pornography and stuff and I realized that they had one of those inappropriate calendars on their wall ( most of the people here in the coast have inappropriate calendars on their wall including some active members, I think it is just kind of a cultural thing) but anyways I realized that the calendar counted as pornography and the spirit told me to tell them to take it down. I didn't really give the spirit much credit and I kept on blabbing on, but the spirit told me to tell them to take it down and they will feel more peace in their house. I indirectly told them, yeah we shouldn't have inappropriate things in our house and if we do we should get rid of them to have the spirit with us. I then passed the time to my companion and the spirit told me ¨that isn't what I told you to say, tell them to take the calendar down¨and I was super nervous about being super direct to them, but I knew I needed to obey this prompting and I prayed for strength, and it was super awkward, probs one of the most awkward moments of my mission, but when my companion passed the time back to me, I told them, you will never feel the spirit in this room unless you get rid of that calendar, can you please take it down and get rid of it? Well, anyways even tho it was awkward, I felt better for confiding in the spirit. It made me think of the calling of prophet, the prophets have to be direct and are rejected a lot and I guess sometimes we have to declare repentance in a difficult way to people too.

We still didn't have too much success getting people to church on Sunday, but my companion and I last night came up with an excellent plan for getting our families to come to church this Sunday, I am really optimistic for this upcoming week. We had a ward activity Saturday night where we converted one of the classrooms into a movie theater and we popped popcorn and prepared pop for the people and the  Hermanas brought the movie Meet the Mormons and we got a ton of people to come and it was a super successful activity, we are going to be planning more activities.

My companion and I have the goal to talk with everyone we see this week, when Elder Holland came he told us if we don't talk with everyone we are sinning, because we are judging who is worthy to receive this gospel and who isn't, and that hit me hard. I am going to do my best to talk with everyone I possibly can this week and not judge them.

Well things here in the coast are going hot, humid, and great. Thanks for your prayers and support, I love and miss all of you, but I honestly couldn't be any happier than I am right now here in Ecuador. I am absolutely in love with this country and I am enjoying every second of my mission. Its the best! 

Elder Roberts

With La Familia Mendoza

Elder Gerber, Elder Delgado, and I

Elder Kerr, Elder Gerber, and I 

Like Father Like Son 

 All of the kids from my sons group in Quito

I was studying the scriptures in kichwa and saw the biggest word I have seen in my whole life

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