Monday, December 14, 2015


Ok, so today was changes, I was super sad to leave Tulcan, as always it was super hard to say goodbye to everyone and leave behind four and a half months of memories and work, but I am so stoked to be here in Otavalo, I have been hoping my whole mission I would be here and I am finally here. I am with Elder Quispe from Peru, he seems really cool. Here the streets are just filled with Indians in their cool indigenous clothes, all the guys have ponytails, and my companion tells me that all of the church meetings including the sacrament and ward council are in Kichuwa. I will finally be able to put the little Kichuwa I know in use! I am so pumped!

For those of you who haven't been following my blog much, when Spencer W. Kimball came to Ecuador he said that the Otavalians have the purest lamanite blood out of any other group of people in the world. They dress differently. All of the men have ponytails including in the church, for example some of my past wards have had priesthood leaders with ponytails. The missionaries that leave from Otavalo also have permission to keep their ponytails, we have one in our mission. They speak a different language, and the culture is different, and I have had a special interest in them my whole mission and I am super stoked to be here.

Yesterday was the Primary Program, it has been the first Primary Program that I have seen in my whole mission and it was super awesome. It was the cutest little thing in the world. I ended up getting to play violin which was super awesome. Romel wasn't able to get baptized, but I know that I could help bring him unto Christ and hopefully this week or the next I will be getting a picture of him wearing white. 

Four and a half months in Tulcan without baptizing made me kind of sad, but I know I worked hard and I did what the Lord needed me to do there. There are so many ways to help bring others unto Christ, whether it is reactivating less actives, getting future investigators ready for the next missionaries, strengthening the branch, helping the city become more receptive to the missionary work. I can look back with happiness for my time in Tulcan.

Not really anything interesting to say, I am hoping you are all getting ready for Christmas. have a great week. 

Elder Roberts

 Me with my friend from the hardware store

 The primary
Elder Veliz and I 
 Carina our investigator
mis amigas 
 The rest of the pictures are me saying good by to my friends in Tulcan

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