Monday, December 5, 2016


Well, so much has happened. I have no clue where to begin. I will start with two weeks ago where I saw one of the most beautiful sights of my life. On Saturday afternoon, my companion and I filled up the baptismal font and the good old Familia Quinchimbla Auqui came to complete their family as a baptized family.

We actually had the great blessing of getting President Murphy to come to the baptism. It was awesome having him there, he gave some great thoughts. Brother Quinchimbla did a great job baptizing his kids. It was definitely one of the best days of my mission seeing the gospel work in a family that needed it so much.

Then Monday came along. OH MY GOSH. BEST DAY OF THE MISSION. My companion and I woke up early and met up with Elder Quispe and Elder Christiansen and headed out to Otavalo. I have no clue how Elder Quispe and I convinced President to let us go together to Otavalo, but God Bless that Man, he let us go. We dropped our companions off in downtown Otavalo where they passed the day buying souvenirs and what not and Elder Quispe and I took the bus to San Roque. As we got off the bus, we immediately started running into people we knew. We walked our way up trying to visit some people we knew, but we were only able to advise a couple of people we were coming, so we weren't able to see a lot of people we wanted to see. Anyways, we finally made it up to the familia Montalvo Pinedas house. They have been one of my favorite families in my whole mission. They were our mamita and they always accompanied us on visits. It was so awesome seeing them. We were all filled with tears being reunited and we spent some good time with them. After about an hour or so talking and catching up with each other Elder Quispe and I said goodbye to them and visited some old investigators and found out they got baptized! How rewarding it was to hear that. To think we started with them and even tho we weren't there long enough to see them get baptized, but to think our teaching them made a difference. Two little kids named Eric and Lenin got baptized ( Elder Quisepa and I found them) and also a lady named Isabel got married and got baptized (Elder Quispe and I also started with her) it was great to see them. 

Then we took a taxi up the highest part of the volcano to visit our dear family of converts, the familia Cordovoa Tituaña. It was so rewarding to see them! That family was one of the greatest miracles that happened to me. After a tear filled reunion, they made lunch for us and told us about the trials and joys they have had in the church. Brother Cordovoa Tituaña is now an Elders Quorum Teacher. Sister Ana Tituaña Cordova is now the relief society secretary. They are both active, their kids are attending seminary. They are the first ones to get seats in the chapel on Sundays. The gospel has changed their lives and they shared with us how excited they are to go to the temple to be sealed as they complete one year as members in March.......the gospel has blessed their lives so much and it was so rewarding seeing them. 

We also ran into the familia Matango who ate lunch with us and the familia Cordova Tituaña, they were converts before I got there and I worked a lot with them. As we were finishing up, we visited the familia Cacuango DIaz. oh my gosh, I love that family. they made us another lunch and we shared a good time together.

It was so hard leaving......Otavalo has won over my heart. I promised everyone that one day I would come back. I think of all the sectors I have served in that San Roque was my favorite. I am going to miss this country. I am going to do everything I can to go back there one day. It has such a special place in my heart.

This last week has been cool. Elder Hugo Montoya of the seventy came to the mission, so we got to go see him and he talked to us about the true power we have as representatives of Christ. I took some good notes, it was a great conference. 

This last week we saw some cool miracles, but unfortunately my companion got super sick. I think his stomach is still getting used to Ecuador and we were in the house Saturday and went to church Sunday but came back. but fortunately he is filling better. It is terrible being sick in South America. 

Yesterday was an amazing day as Brother Quinchimbla ordained his son to the priesthood. Life is great.
The time is flying by. I guess I am just going to be sending two more of these emails before I get home, how crazy is that. asldkjfaslñdkfjasldfkjasdñlfkjasdfñlkasjdf
Well I love you all, and I guess I will see you here in a couple of weeks.

Love, Elder Roberts
 Little girls that followed us the whole day cuz they were giggling when they heard us speak English
 My shoes compared to my companions shoes
One of my favorite families 
 Me with my fav family
 President Murphy is awesome
 With Jorge Montalvo Pineda 
 At lunch with Familia Cordova Tituaña and Familia Matango
Dream team in San Roque
 With our awesome family of converts 
 With the Familiia Matango
With la Familia Cacuango

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