Monday, July 20, 2015

Una Semana De MILAGROS

Wow, thanks so much for all of your prayers and support, this week.  I had the most spiritual experience in my mission. We talked with Daniels parents on Monday and it was as if everything changed. They were super receptive to us and wanted this for their Son. I had the sacred privilege of baptizing Daniel on Saturday. It was the first time I have baptized someone in my life, and I am not going to lie I was super nervous, but when I entered the water everything was just calm and right, and after I baptized him ( I got it on my first try) I just felt the spirit suuupper strong all through the night. It was a miracle, I am so proud of him. I am so blessed to have so many sacred privileges on my mission. 
Daniels baptism

This week we went out with the Joiki almost every day, I have learned a ton from him, he is a pioneer just as all the early saints were. in Ecuador the saints had a ton of opposition when the church just started and this man lived through all of it. He has such a powerful testimony, it is simple but really powerful.

Our neighbors got in a car crash this week that destroyed the tree right out of our house. It kind of startled us during companionship study.
The neighbors backed into the tree

I felt Gods love so strong for me, it was such a good experience for me, I know that my whole life I was prepared to be here at this time. I know whatever apostle received the revelation for me to be here received it for a reason. that he felt strong to put me here. I feel soo at home here. I feel so blessed to be here, this is literally a choice land, i love the people with all of my heart and I am going to cry super hardcore when I come home. Being a missionary is such a sacred privilege. I am grateful to testify of my savior and King every day. I love Jesus Christ. He means everything to me and I would be NOTHING without him. he is the hope of the world.

I hope you all have a good week, you should all send me letters and goodies,
Love Elder Roberts 
mi Eileen 
Eileen drew a picture for me 
 Eileens little sister Ashley
 the youth of my ward
Daniel likes the name of the church

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